Excellent Mediator

I just had a mediation with Bill and I cannot be any happier with his work. This was a claim for overtime and the parties were absolutely set in their ways and nowhere close to a settlement. Bill was instrumental in getting the parties to reach an agreement that was fair for everyone involved. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill as a mediator and I look forward to mediating all of my employment claims with him.

Juliana Gonzalez, Esquire


Consummate, Professional Mediator

Dear Bill,

Thank you again for your consummate professionalism.  You are truly an excellent mediator; I am confident we would not have inked a deal without your assistance.  Additionally, I want to thank you for making my clients feel so comfortable in such an uncomfortable moment in their lives.  It takes a person of high moral character to be able to put people at ease the way you do. I know [my clients] appreciated it; so did I.

I look forward to working with you on mediations in the future, whenever the need arises.

Best regards,

Lisa Torelli McCue, Esquire



Excellent Real Estate Attorney

We were looking for an attorney who could handle a house sale in Miami while we were now living in NJ. We found Mr Sussman on line and decided to go with our gut that he was the right man.

That was an understatement. This was a sale of a house that was going to the current tenant who had “always wanted” to purchase the home. We made them an offer that was far below market value, even after the tradeoff of some expenses (like no realtor fee), We also told the buyer that we wanted this to be a simple and easy, no-hassle sale. They agreed. Mr Sussman quoted a price for the transaction and he was “on board”.

It is a good thing this sale was not a boat, or it would have been a submarine. It sank on the first try. The tenant had credit problems and was declined for a mortgage the first two they attempted. They then went to some sort of broker and the headaches began.

Each step of approval was with an eyedropper. That also meant they would find issues with credit, or documents, dispensed with the same eyedropper. That meant our attorney had to work even harder, curing problems and explaining them to us as we went. He never complained he just did it.

We had a number of extensions to the closing date, each with a problem. When the mortgage broker finally did a title search, we found out that an original mortgage with two private lenders had never been recorded as satisfied. Mr Sussman stepped up to the plate, driving to their homes to get the necessary paperwork to clear the problem.

Problems and delays continued until the 11th hour. Thanks to Mr Sussman’s help, dedication and integrity, we finally had the closing and the house was sold. This simple and easy deal was a four month ordeal.

Once the sale closed, Mr Sussman’s integrity shone through even more. Despite the headaches, hassles and extra work, he stood by his original fee quote. Can you find attorneys advertising cheaper rates? Yes, but I bet when it is all said and done that cheap rate will likely get inflated for “extras” to total far above what you expected or had been quoted.

There has been absolutely no down side to hiring Mr Sussman to represent us.

By transmission of this document we hereby authorize Mr Sussman to utilize this document or any portion thereof for posting in comments about his law practice.

Jim & Cyndi Weiveris


Excellent Mediator

Bill Sussman is an excellent mediator.  He mediated a large case for me with several parties.  Bill took the time to reach out to each party well in advance of the mediation to feel out everyone’s position.  As a result, and this is the only time I’ve ever seen this, Bill brought the parties to a resolution before the date the meeting was set to occur.  Thanks for being a tremendous and professional professional.

Brian Barakat, Esquire


Consummate Professional

Bill Sussman is highly respected in his areas of practice. A consummate professional, Bill has amassed years of experience and delivers top notch representation. His clients are well served.



Bill handled the sale of my family home in Miami as I watched from afar on the west coast. Everything was done in a timely manner, and in such a way that I felt completely confident that all details were attended to and relations with the buyers’ attorney were kept collegial. He kept me informed every step of the way. Selling this house was emotionally significant for me. and Bill made the process go as smoothly as possible.



I love advocating for my clients and you have really helped me be able to accomplish that through our mediations.  Bill, you are fair to both sides and actually get involved throughout the process.  That is how it’s supposed to be.  Unfortunately, very few mediators do it, which makes it nearly impossible for me to accomplish anything.  Really, thank you for that.  You are by far the best mediator I’ve worked with.

Adelaida Albareda


Scrupulous and honest, a real gentleman

Bill Sussman was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine, therefore I had no doubt I had been put in the right hands. My case is a very complicated one, trying to purchase a property with multiple liens on. So far, Bill has guided me through this ordeal with great professionality and expertise. I always felt I could rely on him, knowing he would never let me down. Not only he is a man of rare integrity and honesty, he is most of all gifted with a high grade of humanity and sympathy, which is hard to find in this profession. I always felt he really wanted to help me because he really cares helping people out. For the above reasons I highly recommend Bill Sussman.



Bill, I cannot tell you how pleased I am at the way things turned out at our mediation.  This was for a very important client and the settlement was a tremendous benefit to him and a monumental relief to his wife.  You should be proud of the way things turned out.  I know I am and again, I thank you so very much.  You work was truly appreciated by me!

Lawrence Shapiro


Professional and thorough

Highly recommend Mr. Sussman. I have retained him for representation two times and he was very professional, thorough and always available. He explained every step of the process and I always felt well represented.



I have had a number of mediations with Bill Sussman and he has been wonderful in each and every one.  He has a way of making people at ease so that they are open to negotiating their positions.  So far he is batting 1,000 with our office, every case we have mediated with him has settled.  I highly recommend him for anyone who needs a good mediator.

Manual A. Ramirez, Esquire


Real Estate Property Purchase

Mr. Sussman is very professional, very meticulous and knowledgeable. He made sure we understood and were aware of every step of process and defended our interest. He went beyond our expectations. He has assisted us in more than one occasion and we will continue to look to him for future legal assistance.



Bill was well prepared and familiar with the case and critical liability and damages issues before the mediation began.  His temperment, demeanor and creative approach to resolution was very helpful in guiding the parties to arrive at a resolution.

Jonathan E. Kanov, Esquire; Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin

I have had the great pleasure of having Mr. Sussman serve as a mediator for several foreclosure cases in South Florida.  He has consistently served to assist litigants and their counsel to work towards a viable solution while taking the independent issues into consideration.  Mr. Sussman offers years of real estate expertise and is a cornucopia of knowledge in this area of law.  Mr. Sussman will work with all parties involved until a common ground is achieved and a settlement is finalized.  If he can’t assist the parties in resolving their dispute then the case was probably destined for lots of unnecessary litigation from the start.  I would strongly recommend Bill Sussman to any party that is in need of a commericial mediator.

Brian Rokow, Esquire


Excellent attorney

Handled two property closings for me. Knowledgeable, able to explain complex legalese to non-lawyers, kept me informed, and was outstanding. He is highly ethical and I strongly recommend him.

A Client


Mediating with Mr. Sussman was a great experience as he was very professional, diligent and effective.

Vanessa Morelli, Esquire


Very detail oriented and always had my interest in mind

Bill represented me when I sold my warehouse and he did a fantastic job. Bill was always very proactive in communicating with me as well as the purchasers and their legal parties. I always felt very confident that Bill had my best interest in mind. This was my first time selling a property and Bill did an outstanding job keeping me informed and eliminating any anxiety in the transaction. At the closing, Bill found an error in the paperwork that everyone had overlooked that netted me a few more hundred dollars back in my pocket. If you need an honest, hard working, trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney, Bill Sussman is your man.



Bill, I just want to thank you for your great work and professionalism with respect to the mediation for my client.  My client is very happy with the results and I honestly thought there was no way to settle this action based on the vast differences among my client and the defendant.   You controlled the mediation and handled the strong personalities with ease.  I look forward to working with you in the future and would highly recommend you to my colleagues.

Jonathan Bloom, Esquire


I have had a few mediations with Bill.  In each mediation he has been a critical component in assisting the parties reach settlement.  His professionalism, experience, knowledge, and amicable personality make mediation a worthwhile settlement dispute option.

Nicole Florin, Esquire


I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Sussman in the fall of 2011.  I had asked a colleague of mine for a referral to an experienced and sophisticated commercial mediator to handle what I thought to be a rather unique mediation.  The mediation was unique in that it involved approximately 20 attorneys and 44 individual defendants that were litigants in a pending foreclosure matter in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and ulitmately the distribution of funds which were being interplead into the Court Registry.  My belief was that by aggresive and timely efforts from a mediator, the parties could come to a global resolution thereby negating the need for discovery and trial, which would only serve to deplete funds.

Mr. Sussman accomplished exactly what I envisioned, and perhaps more.  He was able to comprehend the facts timely and took an aggresive and proactive approach to tring to mashall all of the parties to a global settlement.  Incredibly, this was accomplished without the need for having an actual sit-down mediation, which once again would have further depleted the funds available, thus lessening the full amounts available to the respective parties.  I found Mr. Sussman to be responsive yet firm with all the litigants’ attorneys.  Through his efforts, a successful outcome was reached, one which I am not sure many mediators in today’s market would have been able to accomplish.

Thank you, Bill.

David Kotler, Esquire


I had the pleasure of working with Bill during my time as Program Manager for the RMFM Program in the 19th Circuit.  I have always found Bill to be a wonderful mediator.  He was always clear, impartial and thorough in his mediations.  I would not hesitate to work with him again.

MaryAnn Wolfer

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