Labour Mediation

The Positive Impact of Labor Mediation in Florida & Miami

In recent years, workplaces and the work culture in many corporate and industrial settings have undergone a sea change. Employers as well as trade unions face challenges dealing with all these changes. In most instances, the relationships are adversarial and there is a very distinct decline in the levels of communication and trust.

The bitter truth is that conflict is an unavoidable aspect of any workplace but the bright side is that it is possible to change the manner in which you deal with it. The one way of doing this right is to alter the patterns of problem solving. It’s also important to clear the lines of communication of brambles.

This helps in reducing or avoiding any future conflict. William C. Sussman Esq. assists employers and employees, as well a trade unions in resolving different kinds of conflicts within their organizations and also conclude all the collective bargaining. We can help:

  • Provide conciliation assistance to all the parties involved in the collective bargaining
  • Facilitate Interest Based Negotiation- IBN
  • Provide grievance mediation & workplace mediation services
  • Provide training that will help in joint problem-solving and IBN
  • A Matter of Labor Mediation

Mediation is a globally-recognized process in which an impartial and neutral person facilitates the involved parties in their dispute to effectively explore their areas of dispute. The final aim is to help them reach a mutually acceptable settlement or agreement. We empower both the parties to negotiate an agreement on a very informed and clear basis. The potency of this process lies in the fact that Labor Mediation in Florida & Miami is voluntary and the reins are in the hands of the parties, not the mediator.

The Different Route

Litigation can be a very expensive proposition. When it comes to resolving labor-related issues, many organizations prefer mediation. This process is very different from an investigation and there is no written submission. Labor Mediation in Monroe and in Broward is completely private. The agreements that are also legally-enforceable via courts will not be published. Once both the parties reach an agreement, they have the choice to sign their agreement at our mediation session.

You also have the option to take a copy of that draft-agreement home. This gives you the opportunity to think over it, get some advice if required and ensure that you are fully informed before you sign. We at William C. Sussman Esq. focus on providing you with creative and innovative solutions, which allows both the parties to quickly reach an agreement that will be beneficial to all concerned.

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