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The Relevance of Miami Commercial Mediation

Commercial mediation is a very sophisticated and practical process that is designed to address all the obstacles and real issues behind any conflict in reaching a solution that is commercially viable. William C. Sussman Esquire understands that for a number of organizations and individuals, Miami Commercial Mediation is almost like a “distress purchase”.

The Implications

The fact is that when a lawsuit is filed (regardless of who files it), the costs with reference to personal management-time and business disruption, towards managing the commercial conflict are significantly high. The cases that are most adapted to South Florida Commercial Business Mediation are the ones in which:

  • There is divergence of commercial & legal realities
  • Certain weaknesses/ difficulties have surfaced over time
  • The litigation costs are totally out of proportion to the quantum
  • There is some history of non-communicative/ difficult settlement
  • The case is on the verge of settlement and both the parties are now seeking the best possible settlement

The Business Mediation services that Sussman provides throughout South Florida are a challenging and effective alternative to litigation. When you appoint Bill to handle your dispute, he creates an atmosphere for positive and constructive mediation. He does not judge or take sides- he simply mediate the proceedings and the decision to settle as well as the actual terms of agreement rest with you.

The Level Approach

Bill follows a well-honed approach to mediation. His objective is to contain and avoid all potential disputes. He focuses on drafting & vetting all the agreements that both the parties have mutually entered into and we also close all the loopholes that exist.

Bill provides very solid and realistic ongoing commercial advice which goes a long way in reducing the potential dispute areas, to a minimum. In these initial stages, he hones in on the details. This same focus flows onto the currency of your contract. And this is what makes a significant difference and turns a loss-making project into a profitable one.

The Win-Win Situation

Bill is highly-experienced in reviewing the gamut of contract documentation, which includes the conditions of the contract, invitations to tender and the pre-bid agreements. In addition he reviews all the joint venture agreements, technical assistance agreements, bonds, consortium agreements, letters of indemnity & and counter-indemnities.

With more than 40 years of experience, Bill brings a very solid understanding of the various commercial aspects of a business to every mediation. He applies the highest levels of integrity, expertise and effectiveness. When you have William C. Sussman as a mediator, you can rest assured that the dispute will be resolved in the least possible time and the result will benefit both the parties equally. The aim is to make it a win-win situation for you.

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